Utah's largest 24-hour hackathon.

HackTheU is Utah's largest 24-hour hackathon where food, swag, activities, workshop, and prizes will be provided so you can just focus on working on a project with a team of 1 to 4 people for 24-hours. While hackathons tend to be more tech-based, we encourage all types of projects at HackTheU. From mobile apps to art pieces to Arduino/Raspberry Pi based projects to hardware based projects like bridges or robots, everything and anything is encouraged at HackTheU!


Check out https://live.hacktheu.org for our schedule.

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$7,160 in prizes

Apple iPads (General First Place)

General First Place Prize, one per person

Apple AirPods (General Second Place)

General Second Place Prize, one per person

Google Home (General Third Place)

General Third Place Prize, one per person

$250 Cash (Best Use of Esri's API)

Best Use of Esri's API -- Integrate GIS into your application using Esri's APIs. $1000 split between members of the winning team.

Nintendo Classic Edition (Best Entertainment Project)

Best Entertainment Project -- Make your project fun for users to use! Whether it's a game, funny app, or a silly web app, we'd love to see how fun your project can be. One per person.

Bash Bunny (Best Security Project)

Best Security Project -- Show us how to better security - whether it be protecting data, improving privacy, or bettering the average user's cybersecurity hygiene - in your project! One per person.

JBL Flip 4 Speakers (Best Beginner Project)

Best Beginner Project -- Everyone starts somewhere in developing a hackathon project! If everyone on your team has less than 1 year of coding experience your team is eligible for this prize. One per person.

Oculus Quest (Best Financial Technology Project)

Best Financial Technology Project -- Show us the best integration of financial technology in your project! Galileo Processing will be giving Oculus Quests to each member of the winning team. One per person.

Nanoleaf (Best Hardware Project)

Best Hardware Project -- Show us how you're able to use hardware in your project with things like Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, breadboards, LEDs, and more! One per person.

Domain.com Branded Backpack (Best Domain Name from Domain.com)

Domain.com branded backpack for each team member. One per person.

Google Home Mini (Best Use of Google Cloud)

Google Home Minis for each team member, one per person

AirCharge Plus (Best Use of MongoDB Atlas)

Create a hack using MongoDB Atlas to host a database in the cloud! Automate the provisioning and deployment process with ease, while focusing all your efforts on your hack. Projects built using MongoDB Atlas will be eligible to win an AirCharge Plus per team member. One per person.

One on One AMA or Pitch with Will Robbins, Chief of Staff of Contrary Capital (Best Startup Project)

Best Startup Project -- Think your hack could turn into a startup? Have you ever thought about building, selling, and scaling an idea to solve a pressing technological issue? Enter the startup quest! Winner will get a 1 on 1 AMA or pitch with the Chief of Staff of Contrary Capital, Will Robbins.

Contrary Capital is a university-focused venture fund backed by founding members of Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, and many more successful technology companies. We are an nationwide organization of students, and invest up to $500k in startups here at the University of Utah.

Devpost Achievements

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Must be a university student or recent (within 1 year) graduate. Team sizes can be between 1 to 4 people.




Judging Criteria

  • Comparison Based
    HackTheU will be conducting judging through HackMIT's Gavel this year. Gavel simply asks judges which project was better: the project before or the project they are currently looking at.